• Have plenty of deep, large ashtrays or ones with large sides so as cigarettes or pipes cannot fall out.
  • SMOKE from fire is toxic, only early warning can help give your family vital time to escape a smoke filled room.
  • Know two safe routes out of every room.
  • Make sure that windows and doors can quickly open if and when required.
  • Every home and workplace should have a fire escape plan and remember to regularly practice your escape plan.

NFA receives firefighting equipment

The National Fire Authority (NFA) received new firefighting, rescue equipment and portable generators from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at its Head Quarters in Suva yesterday.

NFA CEO, John 0’Connor, received the firefighting and rescue equipment and thanked JICA for assisting the NFA.

“The NFA is really delighted to receive the highly specialized firefighting, rescue equipment and portable generators which will further boost NFA’s resilience to respond to fire and rescue operations during natural disasters of flood and motor vehicle rescue operations on our roads.”

“I am grateful for the assistance rendered by JICA who has always allied with Fiji in the improvement of our Fire and Emergency Services,” Mr O’Connor said.

Electric Iron Safety

National Fire Authority (NFA) is requesting members of the community to be mindful of fire safety with the use of electrical equipment like iron to stop any fire risk in your home.

Electric irons are high-wattage devices which draws a lot of power from the circuit. Do not operate any other high-wattage devices on the same circuit as the iron. If you use an extension cord, make sure that it is rated for the same or higher amperage as the iron. Amperage information can be found in the operating manual of the iron. Always turn the iron off or to its lowest setting before plugging it in or out of an outlet. Never pull the cord to unplug an iron, always grasp the plug and pull it out.

Beyond the Call of Duty

National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters are working with the NDMO to clean up flooded homes in villages and settlements and also the Navua Hospital, Navua Market and Navua Town and the homes in Qauia and Sawani that were badly affected by the Flood in the Central/Eastern Division.

NFA CEO John O’Connor in his evening briefing thanked all firefighters for their effort in effective evacuation and rescue during the peak of the flooding and also for their speedy response in assisting affected members of the community in cleaning their properties so their lives could return back to normal.

He reiterated that as an emergency response agency, NFA would be more involved during disasters in responding to the need of the community and likewise after the disaster in assisting members of the community.


The National Fire Authority (NFA) is reminding members of the community to be mindful of fire safety with the current rainy weather conditions and the aftermath of the flooding.

Yesterday afternoon, NFA attended to a fire incident at Rifle Range in Lautoka which partly damaged a three bedroom corrugated iron and timber house leaving two families homeless.

At 1127hrs, NFA received the fire emergency call and immediately responded to the fire call. Upon arrival at 1132hrs, the fire team saw the house fully engulfed in flames.

Firefighters used deliveries of water to extinguish the fire and stopped it from spreading to nearby homes. No one was at home at the time of the fire incident.Firefighters saved one bedroom and the porch area of the three bedroom house structure. NFA CEO John O’Connor is advising members of the community to take extra care and be mindful of fire safety while using candles, kerosene lanterns and during cooking.


Photo by Fiji Times

National Fire Authority (NFA) responded to two tragic residential property fire incidents in the Central Division in the last 24hours which has not only destroyed two residential properties but also resulted in the loss of two lives.

On Saturday afternoon at Tivi Road in Kinoya, a house fire incident resulted in the tragic death of a one year six months old baby boy.

NFA Valelevu received the fire emergency call at 1435hrs and immediately responded to the fire call. Upon arrival at 1437hrs, the fire team saw the house fully engulfed in flames.

Fire teams from Suva and Valelevu fire stations quickly extinguished the fire using water from the trucks and the nearby fire hydrant.

At Wailea settlement in Vatuwaqa, Suva, in the early hours of this morning, the house fire claimed the life of the 17-year-old male student who was at home with his dad, sleeping at the time of the fire incident.

NFA Firefighters prevent fire disaster in Rakiraki Town

A major fire in the Main Street of Rakiraki Town destroyed Vinod Patel Hardware and Meenoos Clothing Outlet in the early hours of this morning. There was no fire call received but firefighters in the Rakiraki Fire Station responded to the fire scene after they heard huge explosion coming from the building at 0145hrs.

When the crew arrived at 0146hrs, they saw both the Vinod Patel Hardware and Meenoos Outlet on fire and fully engulfed with flames. The fire was spreading very quickly due to the fire load and the intensity of the fire and the priority of the fire fighters was to fight the fire very aggressively and prevent it from spreading quickly to other attached buildings.

Firefighters used deliveries of water from their fire trucks with the assistance of the fire hydrant to extinguish the fire within the two business outlet. Firefighters completed the firefighting operations at 0745hrs.

NFA launches its new Strategic Planning Framework for five years

The launch of the National Fire Authority’s Strategic Planning Framework 2013-2017 is another milestone and achievement in the reforms currently undertaken by National Fire Authority (NFA).

The Strategic Road Map for fire safety and mitigation which was endorsed by Cabinet in 2007 expired in December 2012, as such, the need for NFA to review its strategies and set a new direction for NFA for the next five years.

The Strategic Management Workshop held on the 12th and 13th of December involving the NFA Board, Management and all our stakeholders marked the start of the new journey for NFA.

NFA conducts fire safety training

The National Fire Authority (NFA) completed the Fire Safety at Work training for the school teachers at the Lodoni Primary School in Tailevu today.

Six primary school teachers from the different primary schools in Tailevu underwent the Fire Safety at Work training.

NFA CEO John O’Connor said: NFA’s fire safety at work training is structured to assist participants understand the theories of fires and firefighting strategies. There is also a practical component to allow the participants to put into practice what they have learned.

“This training is also important as the learning’s from the training can be shared with family members.

“This is the first time, the Fire Safety at Work training is conducted in Tailevu for the rural schools based in this area and the NFA would like to acknowledge the Ministry of Education and the teachers for their proactive approach in facilitating the fire safety training,” Mr. O’Connor said.

Electrical Fire Safety

In 2013, thirty-eight (38) out of the one hundred and twenty (120) property fires were caused by electrical related issues.

In this week’s Shopper, we are going to look at electrical fire safety.

Fire safety is very important and fire safety must start at home. It is everybody’s responsibility.

Majority of the members of the community have access to electricity at home and use a wide range of electrical appliances. It is very important that extra care is taken at all the times and we must always be mindful that a fire can easily start if we have no regard or respect for electrical fire safety.

Oven and stove fire safety

Stove and ovens are necessary household items. We use them on a daily basis for cooking. The stove is a critical component for cooking but it also can be very dangerous if you are not practicing fire safety and be cautious while using a stove.

Several property fires have been caused by the improper use of stoves and we can prevent these fires if we practice fire safety when using cooking stoves.

Some fire safety tips to follow when using cooking stoves are outlined below:

Electrical Stove fire safety tips:

There are many electrical items which are used at home for cooking and it is very important that extra care is always taken with the use of these electrical items. Electrical Stove, Electrical Frying Pan, Rice Cooker, Electrical heater and etc are some of the commonly use electrical cooking appliances. Fire safety must be consumed and practiced all times when using these electrical equipment:



National Fire Authority (NFA) and the Volunteer First Responder (VFR) volunteers from Suva conducted mock basic rescue drills at the Lomary Secondary School along the Queens Highway on Friday, April 12.

NFA Pacific Harbour personal conducted a mock drill on vertical rope rescue simulating a victim requiring immobilization and rescue.

National Fire Authority (NFA) is reiterating its call for home owners to ensure that they supervise their children all the time at home.

Eleven members of a family in Yalalevu, Ba are now homeless after a fire which started as a result of children playing with matches completely destroyed the four bedroom corrugated iron and wooden structured house.

NFA Ba received the fire emergency call at 1455hrs and immediately responded to the fire emergency call. Upon arrival at 1458hrs, the fire team saw the house fully engulfed with flames.

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